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Visit of municipal officers as part of mandatory promotion training

11 August, 2022

A team of Municipal Officers on Mandatory Promotion Training Course F (From Bs-18 To Bs-19), lead by Director Local Government Academy Mr Najeeb Aslam visited e-Khidmat Markaz Rawalpindi. The participants were briefed on the standardization of the processes being adopted in all e-khidmat Marakaz across Punjab and the indigenous development of the FC CRM. They were also informed about how the citizens are kept engaged proactively throughout the application processing life cycle and how the citizens are made part of the e-Khidmat Markaz Echo System. A demo of field monitoring mobile application regarding the construction regime services was also presented. The participants appraised the efforts of Punjab Government, aimed at hassle free access to the services and facilitation of construction regime. The participants appreciated the system integration and smooth operations and execution of the project.